Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Decorating

Some Pics of my house decorated for 4th of July. I love collecting the glass canisters. I bought some shredded red, white, and blue papers at the dollar store and gave this project to my dd to do. She had fun filling them up and it kept her busy for a few minutes. They looked really cute lined up all in a row. I decorated the deck with some shutters I found at a yard sale last year for $4.00 for the set and I found the bunting at another sale for $1.00. I think they look really cute paired together with some red flowers and a metal star. I bought the strawberry crush so the red bottles would match the decor and then we decided we would use the container to hold the plastic utensils. The outdoor table turned out really cute. I saw an idea in country living I think that had the cans filled with flowers so I did this too. Took some of the snowball bush blooms in some clean tin cans. The table runner is a valance curtain I found at the thrift store. I think it looked very festive at the 4th of July cookout. My milkglass got a new look by stacking them and placing the remaining red and white paper strips from the other project. Stopped by the side of the road the get the other fresh flowers in the vase. And last but not least my living room got a face lift by draping over a flag on my rustic ladder and cutting some flag fabric into squares and framing them in inexpensive $3 frames I found at Walmat. I love how it looks on my newly painted yellow walls. Well I hope you enjoyed my 4th of July Decorations. Happy 4th of July!


pcso lotto said...

Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.

Jerusalem said...

I love all your decorations - what fun!

Gail :) said...

It looks lovely! I adore the crush caddy! Too cute! I found your blog through the vintage sheet swap. I missed out on this swap too :( I spoke with Elizabeth, of Oh fransson, and she said I could host the next one. Check out my blog for updates if you would like to participate. Oh and your blog is great!