Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Party Game #1

Each year at our annual Halloween party we try to throw in a few "new to us" carnival type party games. Here is the first idea I'm throwing around for this year - Pumpkin Punch Out. The idea is to have DH cut out a big pumpkin out of wood and I will paint it Orange and Green and screw orange plastic cups to it to let the kids punch a number to get a prize. Here is a pic of the idea in it's prototype stage minus the big wood pumpkin. Here's how I did the test phase:

1.) Buy a pack of orange Solo Cups(or any color you prefer)
2.) Fill cups with Green paper crinkles and a small halloween prize(make sure the prize is soft or there is lots of crinkles on top of it to cushion little hands when they hit the cups. There is lots of squeezy skeletons, eyeballs, rats, etc you can buy for halloween.
3.) Take parchment paper and cut into a strip big enough to cover the top of the cup and at least 2 inch down the cup.
4.) Place the parchment paper on top of the cup and take a rubber band and place it over the top of the parchment paper to "attach" it to the cup. Make sure all sides of the parchment have rubber band to hold it down to the cup. The further you can go down the better. Have fun testing it out some with your kid or yourself.
5.) Stamp or draw on halloween images or numbers onto each cup.
6.) Step right up and hit the cup and get a prize

For the actual party version I will add one extra steps:
before step 2 above I will screw each cup into the wood from inside the cup at the bottom.
I hope you enjoy this quick and easy halloween party game!

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