Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Trophy

Why did I buy these trophy's at Goodwill the other day for $.97 cents each? That's what the cashier asked me anyway. LOL! I told her I had a vision for these trophies for my halloween party. Because of some of the weird things I buy at thrift stores I wonder if the cashiers talk about me after I leave? Probably but oh well I'm going to have some fun Best Costume Trophies this year for our halloween party. I had to take these puppies apart quick before DH saw them and said are you insane? Why did you buy trophies at Goodwill? So I quickly unscrewed both trophies after my "before" pic was taken. They came apart very easily. Then I was going to spray paint the body of the trophy but it was pouring the rain so I went with plan B---acrylic paint. It worked o.k. but I think I'll put a spray coat over the top to finish it off. Then I have 2 options I'm going to play with for the top of the trophy. One is I'm going to tear off the arm off the baskeball player and wrap him up like a mummy for the top or I'm going to take a skeleton and a dowel rod and put the skeleton on the top. Check back later to see the end result.


RedThreadDIY said...

Oh!!! I am so excited to see if it works out. I really want to make "Best Costume Awards" for kids who show up at our house with awesome costumes.

Pamela said...

I love trophys at parties this is a super clever idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!