Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween 2009 - many faces of Natalie

Natalie has always dressed up in a few different outfits every halloween. We always have a halloween party (outfit 1), we go trick or treating around the neighborhood(outfit 2) , and we always go to Walmart (outfit 3). This year we added two more outfits because of trick or treating times in different "grandma zones" and because school had a dress up as your favorite book character day. Here are the photos of Natalie so far....Last one for tonight is not quite done yet...but it's a doozie(and homemade) so check back soon for pics of it. :)

Halloween Party - Bumble Bee (Daddy was a beekeeper)
Grandma Trick or Treat - Rag Doll
School Favorite Book Character - Fancy Nancy
Walmart - Super Girl (pics coming soon)
Home Trick or Treat - ????

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