Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween - Button Costume - This time with Instructions

I have had several emails asking me for more details on how to make the button costume I made for dd a few years ago so I thought I should elaborate:

Here's what you need to make your own button costume for your little cutie this year:

2 green floral wreaths

fabric of choice



hot glue

safety pins.

Here is how I did it:

1.) Hot glue fabric around the 2 green floral wreaths. You can use whatever size you want. (I took my dd to the store and held them up to her to determine which one "fit" the best)

2.) Cut 2 pieces of cardboard into circles that will fit snugly inside the floral wreaths.

3.) Cut 4 holes into the cardboard circles for the button holes.

4.) Wrap fabric around the cardboard and hot glue in place. Then cut out the fabric out of the button holes.(I cut them in an X shape and hot glued around the hole). Make the cutout the same size as the opening and they should fit snugly into the wreath opening. If your not comfortable with that use some more hot glue.

5.) Place button up against the person that will be wearing the costume to measure how far down you want the button to come down on them.

6.) Make 2 shoulder straps by taking a length of 4 inch black fabric(or whatever color that will match her shirt), fold length of fabric in half and sew straight stitch down the sides(you could use ribbon if you do not want to sew).

6.) Use a safety pin to pin the straps to the back of each wreath. That way it will be easy to take on and off when needed.

7.) Take yarn and thread it through the button holes and your done. (Mine didn't look too pretty on the inside but you couldn't see that part.)

8.) Optional: glue buttons all over everything that is visible...shirt sleeves, pant legs, hair scrunchies, shoes...go wild.

8.) Now go take your cutie trick or treating and count how many times people say Look isn't she/he cute as a button.

If you end up making this costume I would love to see your version. Leave me a comment if you have any questions.