Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Halloween Recycle for Valentine's Day

I have to admit it I start a lot of projects with good intentions that never get finished. At Halloween I saw the cutest black bats all over doors, windows, entryways, and porches and I bought the supplies, cut out a lot of bats and never adhered them to anything(maybe next year). So I was looking for a valentine project and guess what I spotted...my stack of bats..laying there since Halloween. Poor guys. I have recycled them into Valentine treats for my daughter's class. I hope you like them. I just used some black construction paper, a crayola white pencil and some recycle butterfly glitter foam sticker cut into shapes of hearts.


Heather@ theherberfamily.blogspot.com said...

It's perfect!! I love this!

I'm planning to use candy canes taped into a heart shape for my youngest daughter's Valentine's this year.

Please feel free to add these to Talented Tuesdays at My Frugal Family!


Holly said...

I love it! I also am guilty of starting crafts and never finishing or buying supplies and never starting, so this is great inspiration to recycle!