Friday, January 8, 2010

School Snack Idea

It's wintertime and the kids are hungry...wait a minute they are always hungry for a little fun snack at school. This snack idea comes from my daughter. I'm so proud of her she came up with this on her own. It almost made me tear up it's so cute. Finally she is doing something like me...thinking of crazy snack ideas. If you like this idea please comment and let her know. She is very proud of it :) It's it's crackers....well yes it's NUTCRACKERS. Isn't that fun???? We went to Sam's and bought some indivudually wrapped peanuts and individually wrapped crackers stuck them in a small cup and used some nutcracker scrapbook paper to decorate. I hope the kids enjoy these next week as much as we enjoyed making them. one in Nat's class are allergic to nuts so this is possible. If they are allergic to nuts maybe you could put a picture of nuts as a tag on a bunch of crackers?

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