Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Gift Packaging

We created this Birthday Present in a bottle for my daughters BFF. We stuffed it with fingernail polish, lip gloss, bracelets, nail care kit, makeup case, etc. We couldn't find a way to wrap that we liked so I spotted a two liter bottle I had been keeping for something else and wallah the birthday gift in a bottle was created for her

What you need:

A 2 liter bottle

An instrument to poke a hole in a bottle(I use my corn holders)

A pair of scissors

Adhesive(Tape, Glue Dots, or Tape Runner)

Scrapbook Paper or Fabric to put around bottle



Here's what you do:

1.) Clean out a 2 liter bottle

2.) Poke a whole in the middle of the bottle as shown

3.) cut a flap into the bottle with scissors

4.) Wipe out any excess water that may be left in the bottle

5.) Stuff with gifts

6.) Tape flap shut with scotch tape(you don't want to use anything stronger because it will be too hard to remove later)

7.) Measure paper around bottle and use adhesive to stick on bottle. I used an adhesive runner but glue and or tape would work as well.

8.) Stamp name and adhere to bottle

9.) Tie Ribbon around bottle

It's that easy and my daughter is really excited about giving the "bottle" of goodies to her friend.

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