Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cake Pop Holder

I love cake pops so it was a natural thing to make them for my friend's wedding. I have to admit they aren't the most attractive pumpkin cake pops I have ever seen(for some reason my chocolate never coats them perfectly like Bakerella???) but they were tasty and they looked adorable if I do say so myself. We put one at each place setting. All I did was go grab a few branches that had fallen in the woods, sawed them in pieces, and screwed holes in the top. Then I stuck in the cake pop sucker stick. Easy, Peasy, cute and tasty. Oh yeah, I added a thank you tag too!

Total Costs for 80 cake pops favors and stands:

Wood = free
Sucker Sticks = $2.00
Devil's Food Cake Mix(X2) = $2.50
White Icing(X2)=$3.00
Clear Bags(X2) = $2.00
Orange Chocolate Melts(X3)=$4.50
Paper and Ink = on hand FREE
Total = $14.00 for 80 favors (not too shabby :P)

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