Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemade Halloween Costume

My daughter wanted a unique costume to wear for Halloween this year. I found an idea online for a group costume for rock paper scissors and I thought to myself , self why can't I make that into a one person costume. So....I did. Here is the result.

I knew I wanted a rock for her head so I headed to home depot in hopes that they would have a rock cover for an outdoor speaker, but they didn't have any of those in stock. So plan B, I walked around until I thought of an idea for the rock. I found a styrofoam faucet cover for $.97 cents and some insultation in a bottle ($5.00) that you put around windows to seal them. Then I headed to the spray paint($4.00) to find a rock looking color. Then I headed to walmart and found the white sweatsuit ($10.00) for the paper. I drew the piece of paper lines on with my fabric markers. Then to round out the trio I found huge clown scissors at the dollar store. If I wouldn't have found them I would have probably made some scissors out of cardboard or taped a real pair of scissors together and put them on her outfit.

To make the rock I sprayed the insulation on the faucet cover and let it dry overnight. The next morning I sprayed to rock grey and hot glued it to 2 headbands. I tied the scissors around her waist with a belt so she could wear the sweats again.

Overall this costume costs me: $20.00, less than pretty much any costume I could find at Walmart or Target. Everyone seemed to like it.

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