Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Christmas Mice - Preschool Christmas Party

Thought I should give some instructions on the Mice posted earlier. We took these Christmas Mice to the preschool for the christmas party. They turned out really cute and the kids had a great time with them. They were chasing each other with them and talking to them. It was a lot of fun. To make these you simply need cherries with stems, chocolate for dipping, hershey kisses, oreo double stuff cookies, slivered almonds, and red glaze icing. You drain the cherries and remove as much excess liquid as possible, dip them in melted chocolate and place on half of an oreo. then you place 2 slivered almonds in between the hershey kiss and the cherry, draw on eyes with the red icing and there you have a cute little edible mouse. And it's fun to chase people with. Note**The one pictured apparently lost an ear!

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