Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Valentine's Day Advent Calendar

We have so much fun with the Christmas Advent I decided to make a Valentine's Advent calendar. I placed candy and little trinkets in the pockets for each day of the month leading up to Valentine's day for Natalie. I made this with felt, buttons, and ribbons. It was a lot of cutting but the end result made it worth it. I love the birds and the hearts and I used Red and turquoise one of my favorite color combos at the moment. I have an advent for Halloween, Valentines, and Christmas now. Hmm, What other holiday or event can I do a countdown calendar for? I can see one of these being made for a disney vacation countdown with stuff to use on the trip. How exciting would that be for kids? Wouldn't it make the anticipation so great!!! Too bad we aren't going to disney this year. Maybe next year!

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