Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paint Chip Packaging

I participated in a scrapbook color swap over at 2peas. Basically you go through your craft swap and pick out items either by color or shape and send them in to a central person. Then they send you back one of each item from someone else in the swap. You were to place each category in a ziploc and put your name on it. I placed my items in a ziploc and went to the paint store to get the colors that matched to make cute little headers for the bags. The ones that weren't colors I used my punches to punch out the shape needed(ex. circle, squares, etc) Here is a pic of them all laying out together. I think you could pick up some red or green paint chips and package things to give out for christmas. Or use the cartoon character ones to use for goody bags for birthdays. I think there are a million uses for those paint chips. Anybody else used them in a clever way?

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