Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Halloween Costume - Button

Lately I've been thinking about halloween and the costume ideas started moving around in my head. I want to think of something unique and exciting but also something that isn't uncomfortable for Natalie. I remember when my mom was little she would always make our costumes. My favorite of all time was when she dressed my twin brothers as a pack of doublemint gum. She got a big box and painted in to look like the gum and made aluminum foil hats for them. I can't find any pictures but they looked adorable. Of course I'm sure they weren't quite comfortable having to walk around together in a big box but they did win best costume that year at the school halloween fair. I created a costume for Natalie a couple years ago and it is still my favorite. I took green floral wreaths, fabric, yarn, cardboard and safety pins to create her Button. I think she looked "Cute as a Button". Now to start thinking of ideas for this year. Hopefully something will pop in my head when I'm trying to sleep, that's when I usually get my ideas.


Toddler Halloween Costumes said...

Great job, what a unique idea! I've never thought about a button can be a Halloween costume

kawaii crafter said...

That button costume is just adorable. What a clever idea.

I was actually talking about Halloween costumes with my husband last night. It's always good to start planning early.

Shelley said...

Hello! My daughter who is five, decided this past week she wants to be a green button for halloween! Googled "button costume" and found your cute costume. Would you be able to send me a bit more detail on how you put it together? I would email you privately, but can't find an email for you. Thanks


Anonymous said...

My husband and I call our one year old, little button. That would be a great first costume for her. Could you send me details on how to make it? Thank you, Serena imfor48@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

My baby brother has been saying he wants to be a button for halloween but i cant seem to find a costume anywhere. could you please contact me with the details on how to make it?
i really appreciate it. gina_r_7@yahoo.com