Sunday, August 10, 2008

Halloween Ornament Swap - Attempts

I've been playing around with halloween ornaments for a swap I'm participating in at 2peas. I don't know if I'm going to go with any of these but they are so much fun I can't stop making them. LOL. The theme is vintage so I made some pleated orange ribbon with silver ric rac to trim a few of the items. I think ric rac says vintage to me, especially silver ric rac. I went out and picked up some sticks out of the yard to make the little broom sticks, they were super easy-I picked up sticks cut a 6X2 inch square of felt, cut fringes on it, rolled around the stick and tied ric rac around it. I think they would be cute on a halloween tree but not so sure they would be vintage. I also made a witch finger complete with spider ring. I think they are cut but not quite sure if they would be considered vintage. But don't they sort of look like icicles you put on a Christmas Tree? I think so. The witch hat glue wasn't dry yet but they are a definite maybe. They are cuter in person than they look in the pic and I'm thinking a curly wire coming out of the top with beads and a spider hanging off would be cute. The round ornament looks vintage but it isn't doing it for me, KWIM? So if anyone's reading this...which one do you like best? Check back if you like ornaments because there will most likely be more because once I get started it's hard for me to stop. LOL.

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