Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mini Easter Egg Earings

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and they had a pack of 24 mini easter eggs for 34 cents so I picked a bag up. Last night my 7 year old daughter had the "I'm bored" syndrome so I pulled the eggs out. I had been working on charms so all my jewelry stuff was laying on the dining room table so we came up with these mini easter egg earings that she could give to her teacher's for Easter. Here is how we did it:

Mini Easter Eggs

E6000 Glue

Earring findings

jump ring

and the long finding with the loop on the top(sorry not sure what that's called)

1.) unscrew all the the eggs

2.) glue around the rims of the bottom and press the top on it and let them dry(at this point you could poke a hole in the top of the egg and put the long finding down in the hole and curl it so it can't come out)

3.) poke a hole on top of the egg, you can use a drill or a ice pick like I did since I didn't want to run out and get the drill.

4.) place a dab of glue on the hole you made and place the long finding down in it.

5.) Let that part dry very well before going on to the next step

6.) Place a jump ring and an earing finding on the loop of the long finding and your ready to wear you new mini egg earings.

I plan on making a matching necklace and wearing mine to the Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter craft day at school. I hope you enjoy this fun and easy Boredom Buster craft.



The Redhead Riter said...

That's funny that you thought of doing this!

Deanna said...

I do this with the mini xmas balls. They make great earrings and I pass them out to all the teachers and office ladies. Everyone gets a kick outta them.