Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School Snack Idea for St. Patrick's Day

I've been scouring the internet trying to come up with a snack idea for my daughter's class for St. Patrick's Day. Last night, since I couldn't fall asleep an idea popped in my head (maybe Lucky the Leprechaun placed it in my mind...hehe) So here's the idea and it's so easy you still have time to make it for your favorite class.

To make you will need:

Lucky Charms Cereal

Lucky Coins(one for each student)

Bags to package the Cereal

Here is the note that Lucky will leave me in the morning on my counter top:

Dear ___________ Mom,

I know you worked hard on your snack but since this is Saint Patrick's Day I hope you will do a little leprechaun a big favor. I have left some snacks for your daughter's class on your counter top in the kitchen. I hope you will read the story I have left and delivery these snacks to Ms. ________'s class for me today instead of your snacks.

Thanks and happy St. Patty's Day,

Lucky the Leprechaun

Then I will attach the story to the box that hold the treats. Ms. _______ will read the following story to the children before handing out the snacks.

Every March Lucky the Leprechaun watches all the First grade classes in the world. He watches to see which classes pay the most attention, do their homework every night, and try hard to do their very best. On the Eve of Saint Patrick's Day Lucky packages up bags of his favorite snack, Lucky Charms, for the top ten well behaved classes. After he packages the snacks he delivers them to the parent that has snack day scheduled on Saint Patrick's Day so they can take to the top ten classes. In one set of snacks there are lucky coins hidden in the snacks. These special coins are located in the classroom that Lucky felt was the very best behaved. If you are receiving this snack that means Lucky thought you were one of the top ten First grade classes in the world. While eating your snack be very careful because you may have a Lucky coin hidden within it. If you do find a lucky coin give yourself a big pat on the back because that means you are Lucky's very special class for St. Patrick's Day 2010.

ENJOY and Happy St. Patrick's Day. Once I get these packaged I'll try and remember to post a picture.



theresa said...

What a great, creative idea!

Brooke said...

Darling idea! Kids would love this!

Whimsical Creations said...

What a cute idea!