Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Felt Halloween Ornament - Werewolf

I created this felt werewolf halloween ornament for a swap at 2peas. He is created with grey felt, grey fur and black eyes. I made up the pattern myself and I think he turned out so cute...well as cute as a werewolf can be. The fur really makes him look like a werewolf. I started with gray felt in the shape of a werewolf head with ears. Then I sewed on a layer of gray fur along the top of the head. Then I stitched a piece of light gray felt cut in the shape of a U for the face. Then cut circles for the eyes, half circles for the eyelids, triangle for the nose, mouth shape, and teeth shape out of felt and then stitched them on with the machine. Last thing I did was sew on a hanger and some black bead eyes.

1 comment:

Amy M in Indiana said...

oh, he's adorable --for a werewolf!