Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Party Invitation - 2010

Each year I like to create a memorable halloween party invites for our annual Halloween party. The first year we had the party I found the Martha stewart fingers in the boxes and we did that. The next year I decided to try and come up with something on my own and ended up with a creepy box full of googly eyes(I have a link to these somewhere under the halloween catergory :) ) Last year me and my daughter created a creepy skeeleton tomb from a 16 oz bottle and was able to mail it in the bottle to the kids. The loved getting a bottle in the mail..LOL It costs me about $1.25 to mail each one. This year's invitation will be:

CROWS flying the invite to the kids.

I found crows at the dollar store.
I printed off the invitations
Rolled up the invite
Used the crows wire feet to hold the invite in place
and now I'm searching for a suitable container to mail them in.
Here they are waiting to fly off and deliver the invites. Ready...Set...Fly

This was the easiest invitation to put together so far. I think the kids will enjoy their messenger crows when they receive them in the mail.

Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

I was reading past posts and came across your button costume. It is a perfect costume for my daughter for halloween. Can you please email me with instructions for making it? kenicolini@hotmail.com.


Carolyn said...

These are great. And easy. Love it!

Ravenswick said...

That is the coolest idea for an invitation!

nlcollins said...

Love your crow invitations!! Have you figured out a good way to mail them yet? just curious. Love all the neat post :)