Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Week of Easy Valentine Ideas

Idea 1: Go on a scavenger hunt for Rocks or go buy them at the dollar store. Paint them or leave them natural and write "You Rock" on the top and the child's name on the bottom with a sharpie. We painted pink ones for girls and blue ones for the boys. The kids loved them.

Idea 2: A $1.00 box of chocolates with a Forest Gump Quote. I love that movie.

Idea 3: Find a Globe, a map, etc and make a little tag that says "You mean the world to me"

Idea 4: Find a stuffed animal or a coloring book page of jungle animals and put a tag that says "I'm wild about you!"

Idea 5: Buy a Reece Cup and make a tag that says "We make a great pair!"

Idea 7: Use some left over striped wrapping paper to create pockets for microwave popcorn. Embellish however you want and make a little tag that says "Poppin by to say Happy Valentine's Day"

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