Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween Party Invitation 2012

Another trip to the dollar store and another Halloween Party invtation down.  When I saw the end cap of severed feet at the dollar store I immediately thought of the saying "Trick or Treat smell my feet".  You should have seen my cart with 16 severed feet.  It was a sight for sure but not as much of a sight as the post office when I went to mail this year's invitation. 

What you need:
Severed Feet
optional: knife or scissors to cut the feet if you want to mail in bottle
optional: 2 liter bottle
optional:  black sharpier to "paint" toenails
 optional:  red tissue paper
 Step 1:  cut off foot

Step 2:  paint nails and stuff with invitation and red tissue paper(for blood)

Here are all my feet before getting stuffed into the bottles for mailing
Mail the feet in 2 liter bottles.  They were a hit at the post office.  It cost approx $2.00 to mail these.

The invite said

Trick or Treat
Smell My Feet
Come to our party
and get something good to eat!

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