Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween Party Gift

Halloween Party Prep Day 5 - I found another great idea on pinterest and decided it would make a great favor/gift for our annual Halloween Party.  I take pictures every year of the kids so I decided to use them to personalize some of the favors.  It was very inexpensive as I used recycled items to create.  If you do not have a party every year you could easily pull pictures off facebook to create personalized party treats. 

What you need:  Tin Can, 5X7 picture, Tape, Tissue Paper, and Goodies to fill up can

Very simple instructions for this one:  Trim picture to fit the height of the can.   Wrap picture around can and tape both sides.  Fill with goodies and stuff with Tissue Paper. 

The kids can use these after the party as pencil holders or they can remove the picture and frame it.  This goody/favor/gift is extremely cheap and lots of fun.  I hope you enjoy this idea.

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