Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Treat Table

Last year at our halloween party I pulled together this halloween treat table.  I used my white dishes that everyone has been getting me from Pier One to display all the goodies.  I used black and white as the main colors.  The dessert table had caramel apples, finger suckers, ghost marshmallows, brain and spider cupcakes, pecan pies, witch hats and witch brooms.  It was a good mix of homemade and store bought treats.  More pics of the individual pictures are below.
 Here is a closer view.  Oops looks like someone already stole a pecan pie before I took this pic.
 Here is my attempt at brain cupcakes.
 Here are the caramel apples my sister in law made for the party.  I picked up the spider cupcake holders at Michael's last year.  They looked cute propped up on my vintage cheese crate.
 I placed mini marshmallows in 4X6 jewelry bags and drew on some ghost faces.  The mini witch caudrons looked cute propped up on a vintage scale I found at a yard sale.
 I propped up some mini pecan pies on some upside down white dishes in tin pails.
 I molded some chocolate spiders and placed them on same vanilla cupcakes.
I created some simple witch brooms by putting a pretzel stick into a mini reece cup.

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Anonymous said...

How do you get the stick into the dresses with out smashing it ?