Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wizard of Oz Retirement Party - Food

Post #4 of our Wizard of Oz retirement party.  This one is about the food that we served.  We had rice krispie treats individually wrapped and labeled as "yellow brick road" pieces.

Several of the PTO members brought in homemade dishes and I created names for each of them on place cards.  I glued some red glitter on clothespins to act as name card holders.  This was an apple pie named "Apple Tree" pie.
The PTO provided a sandwich tray and all the fixins.  This was named "Sand-witches".
The 7 Layer Salad was named "7 Layer Salad Tornado".
The pasta salad used wheel pasta and was dubbed "Bicycle wheel Pasta salad".
The corn salad that was made was named "Scarecrow corn salad".
The Veggie tray was propped up on some upside down baskets to give a pop of red on the blue and white gingham fabric.
The fruit tray was called "Somewhere over the rainbow Fruit Tray".
The Deviled eggs were called "Flying Monkey Eggs".
I hope you have enjoyed looking at our Wizard of Oz party.  Now click your heels together just because your in the mood :)

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