Saturday, March 9, 2013

50 states birthday party - Food

My daughter wanted to have a 50 states birthday party this year. We came up with things to do, things to eat, goody bag items, or decorations for each of the 50 states. We had a great time and we both learned a lot when planning the party.
I will be posting several posts to show the different items we used for each state at the party. Let's start with my favorite part - the Food.  I found the state flashcards beside each item at the teacher supply section.  They are flashcards.
For Idaho we used potato chips since Potatoes come from Idaho :).

For Kentucky, we bought some Kentucky Fried Chicken for the party.

We learned something new about our own state when planning this party.  Did you know pepperoni rolls were first invented in West Virginia?  Well now you know :)

For Virginia, we had Virginia Baked Ham sandwiches.

We used bacon for Iowa because we read they had the most pigs of any state.
For New Mexico, I went to the Mexican restaurant and picked up some chips and salsa.

Did you know that green Jello is the official state snack of Utah?

We used candy coal to represent the mining industry of coal in Colorado.

For Rhode Island we stretched a little bit and used gummy fish. 

For New York, I picked up some Husson's pizza for everyone to enjoy.
We served popcorn for Indiana.
We served Walnuts for Alabama.

We served blueberries for Maine.

We served peaches for Georgia.

We served twizzlers for Minnesota.

 We served cheese for Montana.
We served chocolate rocks for South Dakota.

We served apples for Washington.

We served cheese for Wisconsin.
I will be posting more 50 state party ideas in the next couple of posts. I hope you enjoy our ideas. Please comment if you have other ideas for any of the states.

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