Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fall Decor

Decided to clean out the garage last weekend so I went ahead and got out all of the FALL decor. I couldn't resist the urge to start sitting it out....So I did. I just love the color Orange. I think it's my favorite...A close second is blue. I found this cabinet at Nature's Express and fell in love with it. It fits perfectly in my breakfast area and I enjoy changing the decor with the season. I just got the Wagon Wheel a few months ago so I can't bear to put it up yet. I think it will have to come down at Christmas but for now it stays. It makes me happy.

Quilted/Pieced Table Centerpiece

My DH's grandmother made this for us about 5 years ago. I love it to this day. She is very talented sewer and quilter. She used to teach classes at a Quilt Shop near here. I just love the colors in this one. She made me a Christmas One too...but it's in storage right now. I'll post it come Christmas time.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Table Leg turned Flag Stand

My mom got me 2 Table Legs at a yard sale for FREE. She said you can come up with something for these can't you? So the challenge began... Well I've used half of one so far. I had DH cut the top part off the leg and drill holes for the flags and make a bottom piece to hold it up with. I saw a similar stand in the oriental trading magazine. I think it turned out pretty cute to be $1.25...the cost of the flags.

Altered Wooden Spools - Cookie Stand

Here is an old Wooden Spool I got at a yard sale. I took it and attached two wooden pieces on top and bottom with epoxy glue and painted it red. I found the glass hood at a store. It was supposed to be for a cheese ball. I stack cookies under the glass and they look cute.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Neighbor Christmas Gifts - 2006

Just a quick update to show what I delivered to the neighbors last year for Christmas. I had a cookie exchange party and took the cookies from it and put them in a "new clean" dustpan and attached the poem tag. I found this idea from http://www.organizedchristmas.com/ I just love that site. So many great christmas ideas. You should check it out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Halloween Stitchery

Here is a stitchery I made last year for Halloween. I think it turned out pretty neat. It was really quick to do too.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Christmas Tin Ornament set

Here is a Christmas Ornament Set I made last year. I took the paper mache stars and covered them with scrapbook paper by decoupaging them. Then I took an AOL tin and painted it with acrylic paint and decorated with coordinated paper and tied a ribbon around it. Cute gift and great way to recycle those tins that come with the AOL CD's.

Thinking of Christmas already

It's August and I've been thinking of Christmas the last few months. I want to get started on Christmas ideas but seems like there is always something running through my mind. Just thought I would share an idea I used a few Christmas' ago for office Gifts. Enjoy. Smore Kits with decorated large candy bar, graham crackers, and the small bags of marshmallows.

Crafty Things

Welcome to my Blog. I'm going to use this blog to document crafts I like to do. Or neat things I want to try. Happy Crafting. Hope