Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homemade Halloween Costume


Trick or treating was a lot of fun with this homemade one of a kind costume. Every house we went to really enjoyed it! The kids especially got a kick out of the homemade costume I made Natalie this year. The only part of it that was difficult was getting in and out of the car. We opted to have Grandma drop us off at the end of the subdivision and walk to the other side instead of getting in and out of the car. This costume was made from a cardboard box, toothpicks, paper plates, tape, glue, recycled post office mailers, and craft paint. I added 2 extension rods inside the box to tie the shoulder straps too. It was a lot of fun to make the 3 dimensional version of the UP movie house. I found a coloring book with the movie characters and we colored them and cut them out to have the little boy on the porch and Carl hanging out the Window just like in the movie. To make the house I just looked at the picture of the house and kept cutting and taping the details to the cardboard box. Natalie wanted to paint something so she painted the movie logo on the back of the box so even if someone didn't recognize the house with balloons they could read the movie title on her way back to me after getting her "treats".