Monday, May 9, 2011

Girl Scout Craft Ideas


Scrapbooking is so much fun. It's a great way to document memories. I am over craft ideas for my daughter's girl scout troop and I have been throwing around the idea of a once a month crop for their meetings. I have taken pictures of their group events and I will be getting the prints developed for them. The idea is to have a completed scrapbook of their events by end of the girl scout year. So that being said I was looking around for a list of scrapbook starter kit ideas and didn't find one that I liked so I decided I would come up with one myself and share with you as well.

Each Girl should have a kit that includes at a minimum the following items:

  • Adhesives (I like the roller tape and the glue sticks for age group 7-10)

  • Pop Dots

  • Scissors (small scissors for small hands)

  • Ribbon (several different colors)

  • papers (several different colors)

  • pens

  • Binder to keep finished pages in

  • Bag to keep each girls supplies separated

I will bring weekly:

  • Pictures

  • Stickers or clipart to match theme of pictures

  • Punches(circle, square, and any punches I have relating to theme)

  • Stamps(Letter Stamps, various other stamps that match theme)Ink Pads(only one to two colors a week so the colors do not get mixed and ruin the ink pads)

  • Page samples (since we will have a limited time for crafts at the meetings I will bring samples to show them ideas)

Other optional ideas to bring as needed:

  • hole punch

  • stapler

  • embossing ink pad

  • embossing gun

  • Cricut or other similar device

  • fabric

  • buttons

  • brads

  • Page Kits

  • Paints (Acrylic, puffy, stickles)

  • Brushes

Tea Party Hats

We had a tea party for the girls. We bought plain white and straw hats and let the girl decorate them with feathers, flowers, ribbons, jewels, etc. We manned the hot glue gun so no one got hurt.

Eye Masks for Sleepover

We had a mommy and me sleepover so we created eye masks for the big night. I supplied felt, scissors, and an eye mask pattern and the girls supplied the creativity. They created a mask for themselves and their mothers for the event. After they cut out their designs I took a picture and then later sewed them together with elastic to finish them off.

Simple Fleece Scarfs and Fingernail Painting

For one of our meetings I brought some fleece remants and some fingernail polish. The girls had a blast painting each others nails. The fleece scarfs were very simple to make. The only supplies needed was fleece and scissors. We cut a strip of fleece and fringed the edges.

I am always looking for new crafts to try out with our troop. If you have any ideas please comment and let me know.