Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wedding Head Table

Here is the head table for the fall wedding we just did. For this post I want to focus on what's behind the table. The wooden trellis looking items are inserts for french doors. I have had these in my attic for about 10 years and since we couldn't really put anything on the walls they ended up being handy to hang the bride and groom signs and the burlap banner behind the table.

Total costs for this project for us:
Inserts: On hand
Burlap: scrap from other project
Sign: Old sign I had outside turned over and painted on Bride and Groom (FREE)
Paint for burlap: $.33 cents
Wire for one sign: $.33 cents
Total: $.66 cents

Wish board for Reception Area

We created this wish board with an old frame, chicken wire, and some spray paint.

Total Costs for project:
Frame from old dresser at goodwill: $4.99
Spray paint: $1.99
Chicken Wire: $5.00
Clothespins: $1.00
Paper: left over from napkin wraps
Total Costs: $13.00

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Napkin Wraps for Wedding

We created napkin wraps for the plastic utensils and napkins at each place setting. We bought some kraft paper and printed out the Groom's last name and folded the paper around the napkin and utensils.


Napkins = 2 packs at $1.99 each

Kraft Paper = $2.50

Printer (on hand)

Utensils (on hand)

Total Costs: $6.48

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For drinks at the wedding we had water, tea, and lemonade. For the drink dispensers that we had on hand or borrowed I created burlap tags to identify the drinks inside. This was a very quick and easy project. We also elevated the dispensers with a piece of wood to go along with the them.

Totals costs for project:

wood discs for dispensers = FREE

Burlap = $.50 for a very small piece

Orange Paint = $.50 for a bottle of craft paint

Ribbon = $.33 cents for a spool

Foam Stamps = $2.00

Total Costs = $3.33 for some custom drink dispenser tags

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chair Wraps - Fall Wedding Decor

At the reception venue they had brown fold up chairs and we didn't want to rent anything else because that would be costly so we went with a simple chair wrap. We found rolled spools up burlap in the floral supply section at Michael's. They are placed near the clay pots and hot glue area in our store. We also bought orange ribbon and a light burlap by the yard and orange burlap by the yard. We cut the burlap into 3 circles and sewed them together to make a flower for the backs of the wraps.

Total Costs of Project:
4 rolls of burlap ribbon @ $6.00 = $24.00 (we bought some with 40% off)
yard of plain burlap = $2.00
yard of orange burlap = $2.00
buttons (on hand)
orange ribbon (on hand)
Total Costs: $28.00 for 80 chair wraps