Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sewing Class: Potential Christmas Presents

I went to sewing class tonight to learn how to make this apron. From start to finish it took about 2 hours and that was cutting the pattern out too. I'm considering making some aprons for presents. I love how this came together.

Christmas Activity Idea #3

On Dec 3rd we read a book and drank hot chocolate by the fire. This year we read The Mouse before Christmas. It was a really cute story and we enjoyed it. I had peppermint hot chocolate and Natalie had regular hot chocolate. Daddy turned on the fire for us to get warm and cozy. This is my favorite activity out of all the ones we do every year.

Christmas Activity Idea #1

We do an activity everyday of the month in December. On Dec 1st we went to the South Charleston Christmas parade. It's pretty cool. Santa flies in from the North Pole via Helicopter and then the parade begins. Lots of waving means lots of candy. Natalie did a lot of waving this year :)!

Christmas Idea #2

I found a plain wooden holder and turned it into a candy cane stand to greet guests. Did you know you can get a whole bag of little wooden ornament like things with wire already attached at Micheals for around $5.00. I have been working on lots of ornaments with them. This little one I painted, stamped and added ribbon and glitter.

Christmas Idea #1

Here is a sleigh I made with my husbands baby picture. He was so cute wasn't he? The picture was the perfect pose to sit in the sleigh.