Saturday, September 29, 2012

Graveyard Dirt Halloween Treat

I saw an idea for a Halloween craft with a large jar and a label that said "Graveyard Dirt".  I thought it would be fun to miniaturize the idea for our annual Halloween party.  I had bought these little silver containers in the favor/wedding section of Michael's years ago.  I plan on filling these up with cookie crumbles of some kind.  They will go on the dessert table this year.  The labels came with the tins so all I had to do was print the graveyard dirt labels out and slap them on.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Treat Table

Last year at our halloween party I pulled together this halloween treat table.  I used my white dishes that everyone has been getting me from Pier One to display all the goodies.  I used black and white as the main colors.  The dessert table had caramel apples, finger suckers, ghost marshmallows, brain and spider cupcakes, pecan pies, witch hats and witch brooms.  It was a good mix of homemade and store bought treats.  More pics of the individual pictures are below.
 Here is a closer view.  Oops looks like someone already stole a pecan pie before I took this pic.
 Here is my attempt at brain cupcakes.
 Here are the caramel apples my sister in law made for the party.  I picked up the spider cupcake holders at Michael's last year.  They looked cute propped up on my vintage cheese crate.
 I placed mini marshmallows in 4X6 jewelry bags and drew on some ghost faces.  The mini witch caudrons looked cute propped up on a vintage scale I found at a yard sale.
 I propped up some mini pecan pies on some upside down white dishes in tin pails.
 I molded some chocolate spiders and placed them on same vanilla cupcakes.
I created some simple witch brooms by putting a pretzel stick into a mini reece cup.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween Party Gift

Halloween Party Prep Day 5 - I found another great idea on pinterest and decided it would make a great favor/gift for our annual Halloween Party.  I take pictures every year of the kids so I decided to use them to personalize some of the favors.  It was very inexpensive as I used recycled items to create.  If you do not have a party every year you could easily pull pictures off facebook to create personalized party treats. 

What you need:  Tin Can, 5X7 picture, Tape, Tissue Paper, and Goodies to fill up can

Very simple instructions for this one:  Trim picture to fit the height of the can.   Wrap picture around can and tape both sides.  Fill with goodies and stuff with Tissue Paper. 

The kids can use these after the party as pencil holders or they can remove the picture and frame it.  This goody/favor/gift is extremely cheap and lots of fun.  I hope you enjoy this idea.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Treats

Halloween Party Prep Day #4 - I love jelly beans and found a really good deal on them so I had to come up with an idea for our annual Halloween party.  I started with some smal ziploc jewelry bags, jelly beans, customized treat bag toppers, and tape. 
 I started by sorting the jelly beans by color.  Then I created toppers by using Microsoft Publisher and the Address Label template.  Then I taped the labels to the bags and they were done. 

Red Jelly Beans topper:  Vampire Blood

Black Jelly Beans topper:  Witch Warts

Yellow Jelly Beans:  Scarecrow Teeth

Green Jelly Beans:  Frankestein Ear Wax

Notice there are no orange and white Jelly bean treat bags(those are my favorite)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Party Game

Day 3 of Halloween Party Prep - I found a great water gun game on pinterest and decided I needed one for our Halloween party this year.  This was so easy to put together and took minimal effort.

I went to Michaels and bought 2 pieces of wood and went to Walmart and bought a package of golf tees.
Then I Spray painted the wood in the colors I had already on hand. 
Screwed the wood together on both ends.
Hubby drilled a few holes along the wood and put in the tees.
That was all it took.
My daughter and I have already tried it out and it works great.

I will probably snazz it up a bit with some stencilling and some eye ball ping pong balls but all in all it works great.  I love pinterest.  The original idea was found at the following website -

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monster Eye Treats

Day 2 of Halloween Party prep: 

I saw a great idea on pinterest for Monster eye treats.  The one I saw had several candies in the pack.  I decided to use smaller bags and create a treat with just two eyes.  I created these Monster Eye Treats for our annual Halloween Party. 

To make these you need

Mini reece cups
Wiggly eyes
Plastic Jewelry pouches
Monster Eyes Header

glue dot the wiggly eyes on the bottom of the mini reece cups, stuff in bag and tape on the topper.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween Party Invitation 2012

Another trip to the dollar store and another Halloween Party invtation down.  When I saw the end cap of severed feet at the dollar store I immediately thought of the saying "Trick or Treat smell my feet".  You should have seen my cart with 16 severed feet.  It was a sight for sure but not as much of a sight as the post office when I went to mail this year's invitation. 

What you need:
Severed Feet
optional: knife or scissors to cut the feet if you want to mail in bottle
optional: 2 liter bottle
optional:  black sharpier to "paint" toenails
 optional:  red tissue paper
 Step 1:  cut off foot

Step 2:  paint nails and stuff with invitation and red tissue paper(for blood)

Here are all my feet before getting stuffed into the bottles for mailing
Mail the feet in 2 liter bottles.  They were a hit at the post office.  It cost approx $2.00 to mail these.

The invite said

Trick or Treat
Smell My Feet
Come to our party
and get something good to eat!