Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

For teacher appreciation week I did 3 things:

1.) Brought the teachers lunch from Olive Garden(printed the menu and told them to pick out what they wanted, called it in and picked it up and delivered it to school during lunch). They loved this BTW
2.) Participated in a two peas swap to create an awesome teacher charm bracelet. They were wearing this when I went in to deliver lunch. They seemed to love this as well
3.) I created them a nameplate for their desk. It was so easy and it finally gave me an excuse to use the scrabble tile holders that I have been accumulating with buying all the scrabble games at yard sales for the actual tiles to make charms.

It's so easy...Here's what you need:

1.) Scrabble Tile Holder
2.) Scrabble Tiles
3.) Hot Glue or any other adhesive
You can customize the tile holder however you please. I didn't paint mine because I liked them in the wood finish but get creative as your heart desires. I just spelled out the teacher's name on the tile holder to make sure the spacing looked right and hot glued in place. For one of them I took a small drill and drilled a hole in top to stick 1/2 of a skewer down in the hole. I hot glued it as well and added a ribbon and jolee sticker. At this point you can customize however you want and have fun with it. I told you it was easy.

I hope you enjoy these ideas. Thanks to all the teachers out there!