Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wizard of Oz Retirement Party - Food

Post #4 of our Wizard of Oz retirement party.  This one is about the food that we served.  We had rice krispie treats individually wrapped and labeled as "yellow brick road" pieces.

Several of the PTO members brought in homemade dishes and I created names for each of them on place cards.  I glued some red glitter on clothespins to act as name card holders.  This was an apple pie named "Apple Tree" pie.
The PTO provided a sandwich tray and all the fixins.  This was named "Sand-witches".
The 7 Layer Salad was named "7 Layer Salad Tornado".
The pasta salad used wheel pasta and was dubbed "Bicycle wheel Pasta salad".
The corn salad that was made was named "Scarecrow corn salad".
The Veggie tray was propped up on some upside down baskets to give a pop of red on the blue and white gingham fabric.
The fruit tray was called "Somewhere over the rainbow Fruit Tray".
The Deviled eggs were called "Flying Monkey Eggs".
I hope you have enjoyed looking at our Wizard of Oz party.  Now click your heels together just because your in the mood :)

Wizard of Oz Retirement Party - Favors

This is post #3 in my Wizard of Oz theme party.  This post is all about the favors we put on each table to match the theme.  On Dorothy's table we placed these small picnic baskets with red and white gingham lining and a blue and white gingham bow on top.  We placed candy in each basket.

For the tin man table, we found these white tin heartsin the wedding favor aisle at the craft store and filled them with hershey kisses.  We placed them on red doily hearts and wrote Tin Man Hearts on the doily.
For the Lion table, we took some candy cups and placed some mint candy in them.  We put a little tag that says cup of Courage on the top.  If we would have had more time we would have created fancier tags but these worked for what we needed :)
For the scarecrow table we found printable diplomas on-line and rolled the diplomas around a fruit rollup and tied them with a bow. 
For the wicked witch table we had ding dongs with fancy labels printed from the internet.  I will post the source soon. 
For the Land of  Oz table we used green mini airheads and changed the labels to read Hot Air Balloon.
For Glinda the good witch table we dipped pretzel rods in pink chocolate and covered them in darker pink sprinkles.  Put them in a pretzel bag and added a little tag that said "Glinda Wands".

I hope you are enjoying the details of our Wizard of Oz party.  I will be publishing one more post about the food we had at the party. 

Wizard of Oz Retirement Party - Tables

This is post #2 for our Wizard of Oz Retirement party.  This post features the tables and themes that we used to create the atmosphere for the party. By placing white table cloths on all the tables and creating a runner and centerpiece for each table it all still looked like it went together.  We couldn't pick just one that we liked the most so we went with as many as we could think of to decorate each table.  This caused the guest to get up and move around during the party as well to look at all the different themes of the tables.

This table was the wicket witch table.  We used flowers in a witch's pot, a witch's broom and hat, and a sign that said "Caution Water".  We placed scrabble tile sets on each table with the name of the theme.  We used green accents as well for this table.
For Dorthy's table we used blue and white gingham fabric for the runner as well as a Dorthy nutcracker, red shoes, wooden blocks painted gold to represent the yellow brick road, a basket and a stuffed toto.
For the tin man table, we used aluminum foil as the table runner, tin man figurines members of the PTO had, tin cans wrapped in red ribbon, red painted hearts for confetti and red painted hearts on sticks to go in the tin cans.
For Glinda the good witch table we used lots of pinks and satins as well as tissue paper flowers and whit felt crown to hold the flowers.  We also had wands that you can't see in this picture.
For the Lion table we used a Lion nutcracker and some wood pieces we cut from a small branch.  We used brown felt for the table runner and created a courage badge for the nutcracker to hold.
For the scarecrow table we used a scarecrow nutcracker, green burlap, small bayles of hay and crows to finish it off.
For the Land of OZ table we used severl different sized toilet paper and paper towel rolls and covered them in green paper.  We also used green wrapping paper for a table runner and placed apples and red poppies down the center.  We taped all the wrapped green rolls with a shiny green tape to make Oz sparkle a bit more.

Please come back and see the next post related to this party - the favors we had at each table to go with each theme.

Wizard fo Oz Retirement party - Big Decoration Pieces

Last year our elementary school principal retired so we decided to throw her a Retirement Dinner at the school.  We came up with the theme of Wizard of Oz since there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  We had a great time decorating for the theme and she seemed to really enjoy it as well.  I will be posting several installments of this party so be sure to check out my other posts that will include food and table themes we had at the party.  We decorated with a lot of items that members of the PTO already had at their house so the cost was minimal for decor.  We used old rustic windows, scarecrows, tin cans, and all the wizard of oz items we could rustle up.   We started by creating our own yellow brick road that lead to a cardboard house that was supposed to look like a replica of her house (we made it work).  The yellow brick road was constructed of black bulletin board paper and yellow paper cut in brick shapes.  We had each student sign a brick during the last week of school.  We adhered all the bricks on the yellow brick road and it was one of the first things she noticed when she walked in.  Of course, we didn't tell the kids why they were signing the yellow papers because we were sure this would give away the suprise of the party. 
 The yellow brick road went right past the hot air ballon we constructed by using a big box, lunch bags weaved to look like a basket, parachute over the basketball hoop in the cafetera, and some string and white pieces of fabric formed to look like weights for the balloon.  We placed her present in the basket.
 We created her house with house #'s at the end of the yellow brick road.  We also constructed a rainbow to go from the house to the gift/card table.  The rainbow was made from tablecloths from the dollar store.  
I hope you will continue reading my next post to see how we decorated each table at the party in a different theme/character from the movie.  I hope you enjoy these ideas.