Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Party - games

I've been busy getting ready for our 2nd annual halloween party. I cut out a ghost to make the basketball (aka boo toss) a little spookier. Then I printed out a coloring book page onto transparency and shot it up on the bean bag toss board Eric made for me. I think it turned out pretty cute but I might need to paint the background white. I'm not loving the wood look. I made the bean bags out of some scrap material and rice. OK there not bean bags but who will ever know? I guess you...LOL I will post the other games as soon as I'm done. Christina if your reading this look I used the stencil you sent me :)

Halloween Ornament Swap - my contribution

I participated in the Halloween Ornament Swap on the 2peas message board and boy I'm glad I did. I received some wonderfully create ornaments. Here is my contribution. They are made from felt, buttons, ric rac, and pom pom fringe. I hope the girls enjoy.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween - Eyeball Jar

I found a halloween font online and a dingbat of spooky eyes, printed them onto a transparency with my laser printer and cut it down to fit into one of my glass jars. This can also be done by printing on regular paper and using a copier to burn onto the transparency. This project is very very easy!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ice Cubes with Worms...EWWW!

I saw an ice cube tray at target with bugs and stuff for $4.99. I thought how easy I could do that with gummy worms and my own ice cube tray. So I did. I will be using these ice cubes for my halloween party.
If I have snack day at school this month I'm going to make some for the bottled waters that the kids get.
I might try some oter things too. Raisins might look like little bugs and maybe if I was spider rings really good I could use them.

Halloween Tree

The story of how this tree came to be....I was looking through the Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Special magazine and I saw "the tree". I said I would love to have one of those. My DH in his usual manner said "I could make that easy". Hmm... {Deposit in back of my mind}......Move forward a few weeks later...My DH says he needs to go get some wood to make himself a video game cabinet. I say why don't you pick up the wood to make me that tree that you said would be so easy. He said ok. HUH! It was that easy to convince him. And now I have a spooky tree coming up my driveway since it was too big to fit into the house(8 ft). I scanned the tree pics into the computer, printed them onto transparencies and then he shot them up on his plywood and traced and cut with jigsaw. It took him a few hours but he did a great job. Next time he says he can make something I'm going to say let's go get the wood right now :).

Oh yeah...the sign in case you can't read it says FOUTHOUSE> It used to say OUTHOUSE and it was a $1 at the dollar store...hehe

Happy Halloween!