Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Last year for teacher appreciation we had 3 days of "food carry in's" for the teachers. We asked the parents at the school to bring in breakfast one day, lunch one day, and sweets one day. Each day we decorated and geared the food choices to a different book or book series. For breakfast, we used the "If You Give the Moose a Muffin" series of books to plan out the food.  We used the books and characters that some of parents had for decorations as well as printing some of the other covers of the books and placed them on easels.  We had muffins for give a moose a muffin.  We had cookies for give a mouse a cookie,  We had cinnamon roll cupcakes for give a cat a cupcake.  We also had a pancake station for give a pig a pancake.  We had pre packaged donuts for give a dog a donut.  We also had individual cereals, milk, juice, bananas, and a parfait bar complete with fruit salsa.  We also had some cups that we made with little pigs on them that said hogs and kisses.  They were filled with hershey kisses that the teachers could grab.  We found this idea on pinterest.  I hope you enjoy these ideas.   I will posting the other two days of teacher appreciation ideas in separate posts.

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