Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation - Lunch

Last year for teacher appreciation we had 3 days of "food carry in's" for the teachers. We asked the parents at the school to bring in breakfast one day, lunch one day, and sweets one day. Each day we decorated and geared the food choices to a different book or book series. For lunch day we chose the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". We used the book as inspiration for the food and decorations.  We created food tent cards to let the teachers know what each food item was and who made it.  We created the caterpillars on the cards with a circle punch and green and red card stock.  We used the food items in the book to plan the menu.  We had a sandwich tray, salads, cupcakes, cake, suckers, cheese and crackers, chicken salad with apples, and fruit and veggie trays.  I hope you have enjoyed my teacher appreciation series of posts.  If you haven't read the breakfast and sweet table days please take a minute to check out which books we used for those days. 



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Muria said...

That fruit rainbow is wonderful! I'm organizing the teacher appreciation meals at our school this year, and I might try to get something like that together. Thanks for the idea!